Staging Instructions

Click for a printable copy of this list: Preparation of Your Home for a 3D Tour


Preparation of Your Home for a 3D Tour

After setting an appointment, arrange plans to let the photographer into the house.

This can be done by:

– Staying Home Yourself for the duration of the shoot (Hiding from the camera)

– Letting the Photographer in and giving them a key to lock up with

– Ask your Realtor to either let the photographer in or stay for the duration

– Leave the key in the lockbox for the photographer to access using E-Key

Things to remember while staging the home:

– Clean and stage the house the same way you would for an open house

– Hide items you do not want shown (Ex. Kids toys, dirty towels/laundry)

– Take down pictures you do not want on the internet

– Close toilet seats

– Leave doors open to the rooms you want shown

– Note: The photographer will make small adjustments if it means making the shot look better

Special Instructions

– Let the photographer know if you have any specific requests.

Common requests:

– Include the attached garage in the 3D Tour (Not available for detached garage)

– Include/Do not Include the Laundry/Furnace room

– Do not include an unfinished basement